Our Mission

We are an independent, international group of cavers continuously exploring the unexplored. Our main goal is to explore what lies under our feet, go where no one went before, and map the unknown. We are a team of individuals with broad expertise and cultural backgrounds. The Babilonia we have created enables us to explore areas that were never systematically explored before. The underground provides us with essential resources such as water and reveals worlds no human has ever seen.

Although our primary focus is cave exploration, our journey often surpasses that goal. On our international expeditions, we meet people from various cultures, countries, and backgrounds. They help us learn more about anthropogenic and natural needs and explore how we can contribute to the very much-needed balance between the human and natural world. 

Extraordinary Discoveries

We discovered a pleistocene cat skeleton that is still puzzling the paleontologists, and we named it Petra.

Our members were instrumental in discovering several new subterranean species, previously unknow caves, some of largest chambers and shafts in the world.

Our Core Values

Every human being is important, regardless of gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, …. 

Every living and non-living creature and feature on this planet we call home is  crucial for our well being and the well-being of this world. That is why we are trying to bring the underground worlds closer to the surface, and increase human awarness about: